Permanent scientific assistants

  • Philippe MERAL, PhD (IRD)    See Background
  • Jean-Philippe VENOT, PhD (IRD)    See Background

Permanent staffs of RUA 

  1. NEANMalyne, PhD  See Background
  2. YOEU Asikin, PhD candidate    See Background

Contractual staffs of ECOLAND-RUA

  1. SOK Kimchhin, PhD student   See Background
  2. PHOEURK Raksmey, Master student    See Background
  3. KHIEV Touch, Master student    See Background
  4. SONG Det, Bachelor of science    See Background
  5. OUM Somaly, Undergraduate student    See Background
  6. KONG Sophalrachana, Undergraduate student   See Background
  7. EK Sreykhouch, Undergraduate student   See Background
  8. SOTH Sereyboth, Undergraduate student    See Background
  9. KAING Kongseng, Undergraduate student  See Background
  10. MONG Sophea, Undergraduate student  See Background

Key network of ECOLAND-RUA

  1. NGUON Samnang, PhD   See Background
  2. Colas CHERVIER, PhD   See Background
  3. KEO Socheat, Master of science   See Background
  4. SOEUNG Lyly, Master of science   See Background