To be school of the future for graduate education in agriculture and related sciences.


To administer graduate programs for advancing diverse and inclusive excellence in agriculture and related sciences.

Educational Philosophy

1. Graduate education is an active process of transforming and enabling individuals to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the country.

2. GS is a community of scholars committed to the development of interdisciplinary competences and global citizenship while promoting Cambodian culture and values.

3. We believe that every learner is an independent learner, capable of lifelong learning and leading in the creation of new knowledge and skills. In that students learn best by incorporating theoretical, experimental and technological aspects. With this, GS aims to produce qualified and competent human resources in agriculture and related sciences through governing graduate programs to advance diverse and inclusive excellence by making the teaching and learning, research, administration and services more efficient, effective and sustainable.

Graduate's Programs

PhD’s of Agricultural Science 

MSc. Integrated of Agricultural and Rural Development (GIDAR)

MSc. Natural Resources Management (NRM)

MSc. Agricultural Extension (AE)

MSc. Farm Management (MFM)