The RUA doctoral program has been developed in accordance with those of institutional members of The Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU). AAACU, currently composed of 53 member institutions, allows its members to offer excellent undergraduate and graduate programs to satisfy the human resource development needs of the Asian region in the area of agriculture.

The primary objectives of RUA doctoral program are:

1.To prepare students for careers in research, with an emphasis on fundamental and applied research; and

2.To develop instructional and communication skill (oral and written) particularly important to those anticipating an academic career.

The doctoral program has a 72-credit curriculum with 24 major specializations. There are two types of study plan:
Plan A and Plan B. PlanA is a combination of course work and research, while Plan B involves only dissertation research. It, however, should be noted that the Ph.D. degree is a research degree. The courses should be taken to impart the knowledge required to purpose successful research.

To acquaint graduate students with information, procedures, and policies with regard to the degree program, a graduate handbook has also been prepared. The guidelines are intended for all the various parties involved in doctoral programs: students, supervisors, advisory members, thesis/dissertation committee members and thesis/dissertation evaluating board members.

We gratefully acknowledge International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education (ICCAE) of Nagoya University for its valuable assistance and financial support for preparing the programs. In particular, two professors who were part of the team of investigator, Prof. Hiroyuki Takeya and Prof.Matsumoto Tetsuo are sincerely thanked for their foresight and interest.

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