Description of RURAL Team: 

The RURAL Team was established by a group of young qualifies researchers and lecturers in 2010. The new-born team is attached to the Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Royal University of Agriculture. Its services encompassed multidisciplinary research as well as offering training, evaluating, consulting, and coordinating project related to agriculture, environment, social, and economics of rural areas.

In the line with RUA strategic plan, the RURAL Team acts as one of critical units to improve the research quality of staffs, lecturers and students through the research projects which might be supported by local and international agencies, related stakeholders and NGOs. RUA students and staffs will be respected and implemented are enable to involve in research project, field practice, research mythology providing,   especially illiteracy from their field and unemployment in a job market in present and future. To contribute in the development of RUA as well as the faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, in 2014, RURAL Team members have proposed and worked officially together to distinguish as research centre called ECOLAND.


Available Publications:

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Research Methedology books for social scientific research

  1. A Companion to Qualitative Research Method Research_Book-2004 (Read and Dowload)
  2. A Handbook for social science field research Research_Book-2006 (Read and Download)
  3. Qualitative Research in Action Research_Book-2002 (Read and Download)
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