Program Objectives

This program is designed to offer students to:
- analyze the problems and be innovative
- have ability in scientific communication
- become a specialized scientist

Credits and study plan

The program is flexible and divided into two plans (A & B). Plan A is a program including subjects of 24 credits and thesis research of 48 credits. Plan B is only thesis research.

Teaching Staff and Thesis Advisors

Modules offered by experienced instructors/professors from local and International who worked for universities and research institutes. The student of this program benefit from Royal University of Agriculture’s active links with academic partners worldwide.

Language of Instruction

Khmer Language is a formal language for this program. English can be used in some subjects. Thesis shall be written in Khmer or English.

Major of Specialization

Agricultural Economics

Animal Sciences


Animal Genetics and Breeding

Rural Planning and Development

Poultry Science


Animal Nutrition


Veterinary Medicine

Plant Genetics and Breeding

Inland Aquaculture

Plant Pathology



Fishery Resources Management

Seed Science and Technology

Wood Technology

Soil Science

Forest Resource Management

Food Science

Wildlife Science

Post-harvest Technology

Renewable Natural Resources

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet following requirements:
- Hold master degree of related field
- GPA of master degree ≥ 2.50
- At least 1 year relevant work experience

Admission Procedure

Students have to complete application form for PhD admission, personal data and above relevant documents and submit to Division of Academic Affairs for evaluating.

Tuition Fee : US$ 1200 / year