Activities implemented and planned

RUA Alumni and Career had implemented activities such as conducting workshop with BETAGRO company on Self-introduction and job recruitment at the Royal University of Agriculture on 16 March 2018 with 133 people attended. Moreover, we organized a seminar with Euro-CHAM Cambodia for a Career Talk Forum and Palm production on 23 January 2018 attended by 118 participants in RUA.

Continuously, we invited ACTA-Bio company to have another workshop on Young entrepreneurship on 11 May 2018 with 258 students participated. Then, on 5 June 2018, United Nation Volunteers organization cooperated with us to held a forum called Unlock your potential through volunteering. With this forum there were 126 students joined. In addition, our members had also attended with a workshop which was conducted by ICCO Cooperation organization, the workshop was about CIVIC Engagement Alliance from 23 to 24 August 2018, there were totally 35people from different institutions joined this.  

Additionally, we have also collaborated with all faculties in the royal university of agriculture in order to improve networking with all related companies or private sectors. This will help the development of jobs announcement, internship programs, and scholarship opportunities for graduates/students in the RUA.   

With relation to the collaboration or and networking with NGOs, private sectors, and enterprises, the RUA Alumni and Career Centre has been collecting 117 of those relevant sectors in our lists, while we still keep updating/finding more partners to support and work with us for the activities of this project.  

The Centre has been run and managed by our technical staff  and social medias are always used for all announcements of project activities, jobs, scholarship and internship programs, event enrollment registrations, and be used for uploading relevant documents and activity photos. So, that students and other audiences can contact us easily by visiting our above medias. 

By collaborating with private sectors, faculties of the royal university of agriculture Cambodia start connecting with the centre to provide more contacts of new partner/private sectors to be in our partnering lists. And private companies who have selected RUA's graduates for their employees, will be asked for the number of students selected and Feedbacks.

The center plans to conduct a career day at least once per year in the campus of the university. All students and faculties' deans will be invited for the event. Many type of private secotors including NGOs and private companies will be been invited by emailing. 

- The announcement of career day will be done by distributing flyers, posting on facebook page, online registration, and direct meeting with faculties.

- A promotional video of career event will be publicly showed before the event starts.

- Membership registration is already advertised on Facebook page of the centre and RUA, and will be also presented during the career day coming.

Updated activities 2020: 

RUA ACC is going to collarborate with a privcate company called Angkor Green CO,.Ldt, in order to provide internship and job opportunities for students every year. 

- The center is selecting students and graduates to work at PARK CAFE company. Moreover, this company will invite ACC's members to join relevant events in the coming February. This is another big chance for our students to earn experience and income. 

- ASA Agriculture Service is a new partner to provide us with a relevant skill for students. We are making annoucement for the students and condidates will be selected in February.   

Email: alumni-career@rua.edu.kh

Contact number: (+855) 93331 217 or​​ (+855) 89795 461